Sunday, April 10, 2011

Literacy with an Attitude


This week for class we had to read Literacy with an Attitude by Patrick J. Finn.  I believe that this reading had many connections to Lisa Delpit.  Delpit was really big on trying to teach students one direct way and in Patrick J. Finn's piece he talks about he has one direct way of teaching.  Before the students would enter the classroom he would write an assignment on the board that way when the students came right into class they wouldn't have anything to do and would have time to goof off.  Finn was a different kind of teacher and he wouldn't approach his students and say "What are you doing?" but instead he would say "Stop that and get to work." therefore there is no discussion and no arguments.  This would be a perfect example of a Delpit moment because he goes by one and only one style of teaching just like Lisa Delpit does.

Another connection that I found was between Finn and Johnson.  I believe that there is a strong connection between these two authors because they both agree upon teaching everyone equally in order to help everyone succeed.  There can't be that division of poor and wealthy students because then it makes things way more difficult in the classroom and students then feel very uncomfortable.  However, Finn does a very nice job of not having that type of division in his classroom.  He treats everyone equally whether they're poor or rich, he tells all of his students how he wants the work done and gives very specific directions, and he makes his assignments easy so the students who are having trouble can also get the work done.  I think this is such an important key to teaching because when the students know that the teacher really does care how they do in their class then they'll put a lot of effort and time into their work.  Teachers need to realize that not only do the students have to put the time and effort in but the teachers need to also show that they care about whether or not their student succeeds in life.  I know that I enjoy a class a lot more when I know that my teacher cares about how well I do in the class and it makes me feel more comfortable as well.  This article talks about the literacy crisis between the middle class and the low income students and it talks about some interesting facts and statistics between the two.

In class I would like to discuss if there is a right way to teach?  Should there be more teachers like Finn?  Another topic that I would like to bring up is which way do you want to use when you are teaching in the future?

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  1. I wanted to touch on your question at the end. I don't think that there is a right way to teach because everyone teaches and learns differently so if everyone did the same thing, then many wouldn't be learning. I also think that more teachers could include Finn's ways but don't have to be completely like him. What he does in his classroom would definately help many students so I think it is something to be considered.